About 4 billion people can not access the Internet, and the information gap directly leads to economic disparity. It is said that if the developing country has enough Internet environment, economic growth will be promoted and the absolute population of poverty can be reduced to two thirds of the current level.


The purpose of this project is to create a mechanism to improve the ICT educational environment of developing countries by reusing devices not used in developed countries. This will reduce trash and Co2 emissions in developed countries, and will correct education gaps in developing countries.


We have donated second hand devices from Japanese companies and are making a mechanism to deliver them to schools in Asia and Africa. For companies, this will lead to reduction of garbage and cost, and it will also be a CSR activity. These device will be used for educating children in collaboration with trustworthy NGOs and JICA Volunteers.


Since its establishment in 2012, we have donated over 4000 laptops from 48 companies in 6 years and delivered them to 168 regions in 28 countries. And with the cooperation of local NGOs and JICA Volunteers , we have created ICT educational opportunities for about 50,000 children.

Creating ICT educational opportunities in Africa with reused laptop and projector

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