More than 1 billion people worldwide can not access electricity, and 600 million people in Africa are still living without electricity.Electricity requires a huge initial investment such as a power plant and electricity transmission network, but electrification does not proceed because there is no plan to recover funds.


The purpose of this project is to build an off grid power supply environment in developing countries by reusing solar panels that are not used in developed countries. Then, teach local children how to make electricity, and spread the habit of making electricity by themselves.


We have donated second hand solar panels in Japan and build off grid power supply with local batteries to schools in non – electrified areas, mainly in Africa.
By combining the devices of the TASUKi project with this, we are increasing the area where ICT educational environment can be constructed.


Since its establishment in 2012, we have donated over 4000 PCs from 48 companies in 6 years and delivered them to 168 regions in 28 countries. And with the cooperation of local NGOs and JOCV, we have created ICT educational opportunities for about 50,000 children.

Do it ourselves, electricity

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